In a room with just one wall, four circus artists get together to occupate the emptiness and transform it constantly: There are benchs, balls and clapboards that, beyond manipulation, fly through the air and slipper on the floor, occupying space and creating in each moment a new scenario for the play. Along with acrobatics, dance, juggling and live music, this companions do not measure efforts to share their dreams and fulfill their duty: Entertain the audience! However, seeking for sincerity, they try to share something really meaningful and therefore, they expose their fears, motivations and weakness, showing vulnerable aspects of their personalities.

Conception and Acting: Danielle Siqueira, Marina Viski, Otavio Fantinato e Tássio Folli

Costume Designer: Claudia Schapira

Scenario Conception: Tássio Folli e Otavio Fantinato

Music: Danielle Siqueira

Artistic Director: Tássio Folli

Free for all audiences.

Duration: 45 minutes


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5 Carta Branca- Ricardo Avellar