The Company


The contemporary circus company “Cia do Relativo” was founded in 2009, presenting a research with a different perspective over circus universe. Exploring the individuality of each artist for the creation and development of multidisciplinary pieces, the group believes in the reinvention of circus as a mean to dialogue with the modern world, and we flip our coins in gathering inspiration from people’s daily experiences to approach the audience in a sensitive and human manner. The components of our research are based on the development of new equipments and in the use of circus techniques as a way of personal expression.

 In eight years of existence, the company performed in prestigious festivals in Brazil and throughout the world, like Festival Internacional SESC de Circo (São Paulo), Mostra Sesc de Artes Cênicas do Cariri (Ceará), Festival Internacional de Circo (Uruguai), Festival internacional de Circo “Yo me Rio Cuarto” (Argentina), and CIRCA(França). We also participated in important programs, such as Palco Giratório SESC 2015,  touring all over Brazil, passing through 46 cities.