In a room with just one wall, four circus artists get together to occupate the emptiness and transform it constantly: There are benchs, balls and clapboards that, beyond manipulation, fly through the air and slipper on the floor, occupying space and creating in each moment a new scenario for the play. Along with acrobatics, dance, juggling and live music, this companions do not measure efforts to share their dreams and fulfill their duty: Entertain the audience! However, seeking for sincerity, they try to share something really meaningful and therefore, they expose their fears, motivations and weakness, showing vulnerable aspects of their personalities.

2-Cia do Relativo- Carta Branca- foto por Otavio Fantinato

Conception and Acting: Danielle Siqueira, Victor Abreu (Marina Viski), Otavio Fantinato e Tássio Folli

Costume Designer: Claudia Schapira

Scenario Conception: Tássio Folli e Otavio Fantinato

Music: Danielle Siqueira

Artistic Director: Tássio Folli

Free for all audiences.

Duração: 45 minutos